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Product type: Headwear Collection

Vendor: Ellen Wille | The Hair-Company GmbH

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Headwear by Ellen Wille the Ama Fina Headwear.

Ama Fina Headwear is adorable; it is available in 5 fashionable colors.  This piece is suitable for complete hair loss. It is a stylish and fashionable scarf that will complete any outfit and keep your scalp warm through the cooler days.

My husband and I ride motorcycles, actually I sit behind/bitch is what I’ve heard it referred as. Anyway this would really be cute after getting off the bike when your hair looks sad and pitiful. I think they are cuter than the dew rags. Actually they would be cute after any activity if your hair needs a little something, something.

Brand:  Ellen Wille
Collection:  Flow
Colour Shown:  Liquala Light Blue
Made From:  100% Viscose

Viscose is a semi-synthetic material used in clothes, upholstery and other bedding materials. It's derived from wood pulp, which is treated and spun into yarns to make fabric. The soft, lustrous and lightweight viscose fabric drapes perfectly.