Beurer Electric Detangling Hair Brush with, Ion Technology, HT10




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The Beurer Frizz-Free Ion Detangling Brush features ion technology - leaving your hair sleek and shiny for any, and every occasion.

From frizzy to frizz-free.  

  • Ion technology for sleek and shiny hair
  • Soft acrylic bristles enable hair to be combed smoothly
  • Operation status indicator - the device is quiet when turned on (& doesn't vibrate)
  • Soft-touch surface
  • Battery operated; batteries included
  • Customer Service in the USA

Take frizzy hair and make it shiny and smooth - with an easy fix, while saving time. The Beurer Frizz-Free Ion Detangling Brush is an everyday beauty essential! This brush integrates ion technology and a sleek design for lustrous, shiny and healthy-looking hair. The soft acrylic bristles enable hair to be combed smoothly while having a soft-touch surface. Beauty by Beurer, made easy.  

How does it work?
Your hair is composed of both positive and negative ions. Everyday routines, such as towel drying your hair, cause an imbalance within your hair's composition. Too many positive ions cause frizz and static, making it harder to style your hair. With just one button, our Frizz-Free Brush is turned on and the built-in ion technology immediately begins to emit negative ions into the hair being brushed. This helps to restore healthy-looking, silky smooth hair - effortlessly.

The Frizz-Free Brush is also perfect for parents with young children. The soft acrylic bristles run through tangled hair gently and painlessly so that your child is comfortable while you get the job done.  The brush is also perfect in size, making it easy to travel with or carry with you in your purse as an everyday essential!