Curler & Straightener Hot Hair Iron Curling Ceramic Wave




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  • Instructions£º
  • 1. The general voltage: 110 ~ 220 v 35 w 50/60 hz
  • 2. Intelligent constant temperature constant temperature 190 ¡æ
  • 3. 360 ¡æ, rotating wire never knot, line 2 meters long.
  • 4. Press the ON/OFF the power switch button, adorn hair began to work.
  • Operation£º
  • 1. use the hair curler before the hair dry to 8 to 9 when work should be carried out
  • 2.clip hair piece
  • 3.Three members of the clip in hair, with a curling iron and then upgrade to coil, coil to do you think the right place.
  • Stay for about half a minute can do both.Then slowly down cooling, had better use the cold wind blow the finalize the design.