Waterproof Shower Cap Turban,Extra Large,Reusable, For Women,Long Hair




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VVolf Shower Cap for Women Extra Large Shower Cap for Women Reusable Shower Cap Hair Bath Caps for Shower Cute Pineapple Waterproof Shower Caps

  • ??Keep Your Hair Styled?-- Use as a deep conditioning cap for your natural hair.
  • Perfect to keep your freshly styled blown out hair fresh for a few extra days.
  • This large shower cap is very comfortable to wear and does not let any moisture through.
  • ??Soft & Comfortable?-- Material is soft and made of high quality products, no forehead irritation & stylish design.
  • There's a silicone grip along the inside as well as elastic in the back.
  • The reusable shower cap stayed put and did a fantastic job of keeping your hair dry.
  • ??Unique Design?-- The reusable shower cap design is adorable with the pineapple print, bow, and turban appearance.
  • The shower caps for long hair has a shapely hem with the elastic, it keeps your hair dry in the shower and bath, and it's not crinkly.
  • ??Wear Comfortable & High Elasticity?-- Durable, comfortable, and doesn't let any water or moisture in.
  • The shower cap large fabric is soft and the elastic is firm.
  • The luxury shower cap for women was very easy to put on and stayed secure.
  • The jumbo shower cap elastic around the hairline doesn't leave any marks.
  • ??Durable & Easy to Carry?-- Has a good band so once it's positioned correctly it will not be moving.
  • The turban shower cap dries easily and comes in this thick plastic zip-lock case for storage and travel.
  • Keep it in the nice reusable pouch for storage.